My Sessions

Date Event Session Title Content
2023-06-21 Experts Live Austria Do you know your permission? Least privilege with Entra Permission Management Slides
2023-06-13 Global Security and Compliance Community Conference Moderne IT-Sicherheit ist mehr ein Menschen Problem als ein technisches!!! Slides
2022-09-23 cloud8 virtueal Summit 2022 Solve the pain with MultiTenant Management Slides
2022-08-06 Microsoft Ignite Just-in-Time Access in every Microsoft Workload Slides
2022-05-07 Global Azure Bootcamp Cologne 2022 Microsoft 365 DSC - Configuration-as-Code Slides
2020-04-25 Global Azure Bootcamp Cologne 2020 Protect your legacy Apps with AzureAD Slides
2019-05-06 Office 365 Meetup Wuppertal MS Build 2019 - Whats New? Slides